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Watching this with interest. I can’t help but feel that you purchase a product for what it is at the time of purchase, on its merits and current status. It is much like buying a new Mac laptop – they may bring a new one out tomorrow but if you need what they are selling at the time, accept it and use it and get on with it! What you have is no less usable than it was before – you can still mix a great sounding concert with it. Dante gives you many options to integrate with other systems too and is a reasonable cost for what it does.

The iLive may be lacking some features now, but as a pure live sound touring desk, it is fantastic. It never made the promise of coming with specific add on packs and features – if they come, it’s pure bonus surely?

That said, an iLive2 would be interesting and probably on time given the advances in CL world.