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I’m not sure if you’ve slightly misunderstood what i’ve been trying to get at. My biggest alert is when I accidentally hit the main LR mix mute and everything stops coming out of FOH, much more direct than a user key, haha. I’ve always tapped it back on very quickly, something like 1 second reaction to getting it back up again. I think the issue is that I come from a predominantly Yamaha background where the master fader is slightly separate from mix faders – i.e. fader 17, or 33, or indeed on an m7 or pm5d, they’re on a separate centre section.

For some reason on the AH I occasionally end up hitting the mute and have never done it on anything else. I believe it is because what becomes with master fader on a GLD is within the main channel strip area and indeed on some of my layers, the same fader is sometimes an input strip!

So I appreciate you saying ‘don’t press it’ and that would be ideal, but in the meantime I was wondering if there is something i’ve missed where I can just disable that from the master strip…