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Bob, I taught myself something many years ago,… when a computer does something we don’t like or understand, it is almost always because it is doing exactly what we programmed it to do.

So, my guess because “in haste” it is very easy to hit the green “Recall” tab instead of the yellow “Store”.

Yes, you are correct, the mixer asks us to verify exactly what we want to do which is good, but the grey pop-up dialogue box looks identical except for the wording,,,, so I think by mistake, you hit the scene button on the right side of the touch screen and then either had the wrong scene highlighted in the list and hit recall/yes or,,,, you had the correct scene highlighted and accidentally hit “Recall” instead of “Store”. It is a very easy thing to do wrong in haste and on the job, or church, so make sure you read every word in the “Scene” window EVERY TIME and go really slow and repeat the words in your mind before hitting anything, especially “Yes”.

These are just my thoughts which are intended to assure you that your nightmare will not happen again. I can only imagine the sadness you experienced when you realized that you had to start all over. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt 🙂