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In mixed news…

I’ve just spent 20-30 minutes trying to reproduce the glitch that nearly ruined Sunday. And I can’t.

There is nothing on that screen (which was definitely in place) which doesn’t require a confirmation dialogue, and the “yes” button is nowhere near the controls (another good bit of UI design).
I cannot work out what happened.

This is good because:
– It’s not likely to be triggered again, the design of the UI asks for confirmation before difficult decisions are made – and that confirmation requires a second touch screen interaction some way away from the dangerous buttons.

This is bad because:
– I have no idea when this might happen again. I have no idea what caused it, nor any way to provide A&H with enough detail to be useful, so the likelihood of this biting again isn’t diminished.

What would I like to see?
– Maybe a “scene loop” option, where I can designate a number of scenes (maybe 10) and allocate a soft key to “save to next”, so I can try things, save them – revert if I need to without having to think about switching between scenes.
– Certainly scene controls on the Qu-Pad

I’m resigned to the fact that I’ll likely never know what went on on Sunday – there is nothing in the UI that behaves remotely similarly to the situation on Sunday AFAICT.