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@nicola, I just purchased the new QU-32 for use in my home studio (amazing board!). This mixer is a major step up from the much simpler analog boards that I’ve used before, and so I am still on the early and steep end of the learning curve with the Qu-32. (For example, I still have not figured out how to insert FX into the stereo output signal from my multitrack recorder, which I am inputting into the QU-32 through ST1, so that I can add Fx to the signal that I am, then, sending to the Qu-Drive. For that matter, I still do not have a very good grasp of “mixes” and DCA Groups, but hope to educate myself better over time….)

I am currently using a 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive (R/W up to 120/50 MB/s) for the Qu-Drive, which I formatted on the Qu-32. I’m just starting to get into using the Qu-Drive, and today I attempted to route a song from my multitrack recorder through the QU-32, and into the Qu-Drive. This recording appeared to be successful, but when I tried to play it back through the Qu-Drive, the track skipped (once) a couple of minutes into the song. So, I re-recorded the same stereo track, from the multitrack recorder, onto the Qu-Drive once again, and upon playing this second file back, the song skipped again, and at precisely the same point as it did on the first file that I recorded onto the Qu-Drive!

Interestingly, when I play the song/file back on my PC, it appears that the actual file is complete, and I did not hear any skipping.

Based upon the above description, is this skipping related to firmware issues, or to playback buffer limitations? Is there a fix for this glitch?

Thank you/ Rob