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Very cool features:

– Gate/Compressor history graphs (iPad function)
These just make it really easy to see what’s going on with the gate/compressor. Is your threshold doing any good, is it excessive – the last few seconds of gain reduction being graphed is a master stroke of good UI

– Physical controls
Particularly the eq layout is just SO easy to use, with the pretty graph available to confirm what you are about to do. The faders themselves also got complements – just the tactile feel of them!

– Master fader follows mix
Not something we have enabled on our normal desk (an M300), and something which was generally considered excellent.

– Custom layer only and surface lock
Custom layer limiting was great, not because we wanted ourselves locked down, but because we arranged everything on the custom layer, and didn’t want to risk one of us hitting the wrong layer selection. The whole surface lock was great when my 3 y/old son came to play 😉

– iPad control
Just fabulous, although I’ll probably put together another post on just the Qu-Pad app, there are a few things that I missed, but the ability to grab the iPad and walk around the venue, to go on stage and do foldback, to check the corners of the room.
The ability to have two mix operations happening at the same time… All excellent. It didn’t drop out once (which it has occasionally at home)

– RTA/meters pages
The RTA is a really nice feature, need I say more? The meters page is well laid out, it’s really nice and easy to check that nothing is coming close to clipping.

– Qu Drive
Wow – just looking back on it, wow.
This is something the M300 really lacks, particularly since the USB recorder on that (stereo only) can’t be used when the iPad remote dongle is in play.

– Power
Overall there is enough power in this desk to really configure each channel well. And it never skipped a beat in configuration, it’s response was always instant.