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Hello Pat and RedeemerChurch

The referenced video is not a good starting point to learn how to use a DAW with QU
The referenced video that “was here on this post ” I cannot see now in this forum?
However the video had a GSR24 in the Core audio page and Reaper DAW software at the beginning (which I personally use flawlessly) and some other DAW software near the end of the the video. So anyone would be confused with that!
I think firstly are you familiar with the QU?
Read the manual and studied every page so you understand all the tech jargon?

As Mamerica asked…
have you tried using the Q drive as a recording device yet?
Maybe someone out there can put some links onto here to assist you?
You have made the right choice of mixers as the QU does work brilliantly with Mac. …. and PC