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So, here’s what (Partially) occurred last.

Having spent a good 3.5 hours sorting EQs, Compression, Gate, Effects and Monitor mixes (And a little look at the iOS app) in the day yesterday, my pal and I were pretty confident we’d done enough leg work to get things going quick enough at last nights gig.
We saved plenty of different scenes as we worked so if we ever messed something up it was easy to go back to the last good scene.
We were both already really impressed with the QU-16 even before trying it out properly live.

The QU-16 functioned perfectly all night and the only single issue I personally had with it was my own stupid fault.
After sorting input gains I then started to mix the volume levels for the front of house sound but I accidentally forgot to press the L/R button and was actually mixing on one of the FX or Mix channels. But a quick load of the original scene (and sorting input gains again) and we were away again in 3 minutes.
Easily done I guess, but I won’t forget to do that again.
During the sound check I continued to save my scene progress with different names just in case of any issues.

There were honestly no problems what so ever with the QU-16. It literally functioned PERFECTLY.

The wifi router I purchased for £44.99 worked fine (We had three drop outs even when only using 5Ghz, but it quickly reconnected)

My pal then mixed using the iOS app at front of house. He is currently typing up his thoughts of the app and I will post them here when he’s completed them.

We were BOTH very, very impressed with the QU-16 and I am really glad that I chose this mixer.

I would like to thank Mike Storm for his 02r96 eq and comp library presets, as this was a brilliant starting point for mixes and I still believe that more comprehensive library presets should be added to the QU-16 in future updates just to make it that more easier to use out of the box. (Yes, I understand each to their own yadda yadda etc etc but you can say this with most things in life)