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Yes, I have installed the new update.
Also updated iLives to 1.94 and flashed the MEU to the latest version.
Also made sure DANTE cards are up to date.

Here is what is happening.

I have 40 channels going to the MEU over Dante.
I am using manual names, sync to the iLive is turned off for names.
10 of the channels are linked as stereo channels.

I have 9 ME1’s connected to the MEU, all the ME1’s are exhibiting the same issue.

All the channels are assigned to 1 of 4 groups. Drums, Rhythm, Keys and Vocals.

With some of the channels on the ME1, if I pan a channel hard left then when it gets to the extreme pan left, it turns up to full volume in the right. If I pan slightly off the extreme in the left then it is fine, but anything panned hard left goes to full volume in the right output.

If I pan the channel hard right, the volume drops as it pans past halfway and until there is no volume at all when panned hard right. This makes it impossible to pan anything right.

This does not happen on all channels, one observation is that it appears to happen on the channels that are adjacent to a stereo linked channel.