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Thanks Ben, I checked out your post. So if I read it right, besides buffer settings the key factor in your setup is the Dante/RedNet PCI card? I’m using a Mac Mini (fastest I could get about 6 moths ago) so I don’t have the option for a PCIE card unfortunately. I’m just hard wired between my GLD and the Mini with DVS so there is no external switching or routing in the picture here. Just FYI, I”m using the Mini b/c I want this whole thing to be very portable.

I was playing around with the Waves MultiRack app and had all kinds of odd noise, not really pops and clicks but more like scratchy noise. I suspect I could have tweaked some buffers or ?? and cleaned that up but didn’t have time. Just for the heck of it I routed a track through PreSonus Studio One (V2) with the same plugins and had no problems with noise at all, very clean. There was some latency and it was just barely noticeable. That setup would likely work OK for live but not monitors but I would have to figure out a way to delay all of the tracks to match the ones with plugging. I guess I could route all of the tracks through Studio One or ProTools but that seems like a lot of added failure points for a live rig. Am I being too picky there? At that point I had to get back to working something else and my trial ran out. I’m glad you told me all this because I had come to the conclusion I should get the Waves card in my GLD but maybe what I really need is a computer with the Dante PCIE card.

Another thing I observed while trying this out was it seemed like the whole setup with MultiRack was very fragile. At one point I turned off the DVS for a second to make a change and this put the whole rig into a hideous loop, good thing I had the PA turned down or I might have been replacing drivers, it was terrible! That really concerns me for live use, I wonder what else could trigger this?

Anyway, I had promised to write up an instruction document when I got this working but it doesn’t look like I’m going to be able to do this with my current rig. Too bad, I’m not about to pay triple for every Waves plugin and the DigiGrid stuff. I guess I understand Waves thought process with those prices but that doesn’t work for me. So at this juncture, the whole idea goes to the back burner. : (
Unless someone has a suggestion anyway.