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1. There are several fx presets that you can adjust to taste, and save for recall later. Here are a few, with samples. I don’t a have Qu in front of me ATM, according to that website the Qu does have a gated verb, and looking at the GLD (from which the Qu series gets a lot of its FX,) that gated verb does have a preset for a vocal. NB this is a preset for one of the FX engines, not a preset for dynamics processing on a channel. The Qu doesn’t have factory built-in presets dynamics/eq processing like the Presonus SL series does. It’s not hard to dial in a gate though… and once you’ve done so, you can save what you’ve just dialed in as your own preset and recall it (with or without eq and compressor settings) whenever you want. You can copy and paste it between channels too.

2. ATM there’s no lockout for remote mixing: the app has access to everything, so you just have to trust your band to adjust their own monitors sensibly and not ruin someone else’s mix. Be aware that the Qu is limited to one ipad connection at a time though (and AFAIK there’s no ipod/iphone app, it’s just for ipad.)