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Good thinking John, but no. I have all soft keys globally scene safe, AND blocked in the specific recall filter for this scene.

Actually I had recently made them NOT globally scene safe, but still filtered in this scene, but I just went back to an old show where all the soft keys are scene safe, as above, and it makes no difference to the behaviour. It really does seem that the LED on the scene recall soft key is reflecting the PAFL status. Perhaps this is intended behaviour, but it is confusing. But that doesn’t explain why it only does the scene recall every second press. I could sort of understand it if it never re-recalled a scene if that was the current scene, but why, then, does it actually do a recall on the third press?

For comparison, if it set it to a simple scene recall, then the LED comes on when you press it, and the scene gets recalled again for each subsequent press, leaving the LED on. So the behaviour above is definielty linked to the PAFL.

I’m only doing the sel mix pafl scene recall so I can force the LR mix key on when the scene is recalled. I wonder if there is some other way I can acheive that. But I haven’t found any other way so far.