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Ah, its more complicated than that. I am actually using Sel Mix PAFL Scene with Mix PAFL type and an associated scene and main LR as the channel. The idea being to force the mix setting to LR on loading the scene, to avoid any subsequent foot shooting. (I don’t actually want the PAFL, but there is no “mix only” type.)

When you first press the soft key, it loads the scene as expected, and turns the LED ON. However, the LED seems to be associated with PAFL, becuase it you clear the PAFL, for example by pressing the default assigned soft key 9, the LED on the original soft key is toggled off.

Moreover, if you press the soft key once, it loads the scene as expected, but the second time you press it it DOESN’T re-load the scene. e.g. if you move the faders (level being allowed in the scene recall filters), they are NOT reset by pressing the soft key. But it does toggle the LED OFF and clear PAFL. Pressing the soft key a THIRD time DOES load the scene again, and turns the LED ON as for the first press.


Anyone know what is really going on?