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Nicola A&H

The overall roundtrip latency will be dependant on a number of settings including:
– The Dante Latency set in the DVS panel (default is 10ms, min value 4ms depending on system performance) – more on this in the DVS User Guide.
– On a Windows PC, the ASIO Latency set in the DVS panel / ASIO.
– The buffer size. On a Windows PC this is usually dictated by the driver (again under DVS / ASIO). On a Mac this is typically controlled by the host application (DAW request buffer size).
– The processing latency of the plugins, shown here in samples.

Finding the right balance requires some trial and error but even with the best computer you will still have several ms of latency (I couldn’t get below 5.3ms each way on my MBPro). This might be acceptable in a live application for FoH use, provided you delay compensate all correlated channels to avoid comb filtering (by routing them all into Multirack and using the software group delay features). For applications where low latency and reliability are critical you should really look at the M-Waves card together with a SoundGrid Server.

Hope this helps.