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Bob is right, and I’ve had that happen with one drive I have, but since discovering the SanDisc Extreme 64G USB3 Flash drive, I won’t use anything else! No external power supply needed, quick and easy format, VERY fast transfer to my Macs, and you can carry two in a pocket. Forget about the bigger external drives from now on, since you will want to format it with each use anyway. No need for the hassle or the extra gigs. The 64G will record 6 hours of full multitrack, so anything else is simply a useless hassle (for me!).

PS – The Seagate 500G recommended has been discontinued, so I got a 1TB like yours, and had the same result. It was such a hassle I am using it for a backup of my laptop instead – just don’t trust it for a live recording… Get a 64G flash and you’ll be MUCH happier!