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Thanks for the feedback. We were hoping the iLive Direct Out was only impacted by the gain and not the trim which would allow us to use gain to set Aviom channel levels and trim to adjust for the FOH engineer. MMO didn’t come with much instruction except to say it was an Aviom signal coming out. We wanted to replicate what we had before switching to the iLive which was stage control of the Aviom feed levels using the AN16iM independent of FOH which we fed from the AN16iM direct outs. Seems that can’t be done using the iLive direct outs. Will assigning a Mix-Rack Input to one of the IDR48 outputs give us a before preamp signal. If so, we should be able to use the preamps on the AN16iM for the Avioms. There is some concern about potential latency by creating two parallel digital packages.