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You are right. Multiple streams via TCP/IP would solve the problem too but it also requires additional drivers. Allen & Heath has their own reasons to restrict the network port and that is their business.

You have a valid point about the USB recording packets but it wouldn’t be an issue the way I envision using the program.
Here is how I see it:
When you load my program, it would load a default scene. (You would have control over just what constitutes your default settings but that’s not important now.)
You would have the choice of loading all the current settings from the mixer or loading them from a file, or simply editing the current (default) settings.
None of changes you make on the user interface would be sent to the board until you press the “Send” Button.

So, you could setup a show without even having the mixer hooked up. Or, you could setup a second band while the first band is still on stage. It’s not meant to control the mixer live, so you really wouldn’t be recording when you click the send button.