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I agree, but compared to other gear I have I think it a bit unusual. I bought an SUV just out of lease. I could not find anywhere that the keyless entry buttons were written down. Not a huge deal but wanted to know. I managed to contact the lady who had leased the vehicle. She said she had used that feature but could not remember it. I was skeptical but what was I to do? So, luckily I had it in the Ford dealer for a minor repair which required them hooking up their computer to it. They normally charge $35 to retrieve a code, but he threw that in for free. That would be another method. Either A&H could log in remotely to the console or through a computer and retrieve the password or reset it..

GLD 80- AR2412….GLD112,AR2412 and 2 x AR84’s coming plus QU16 & ME-1