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You may end up at the wrong destination (output) if you mix your busses……. Just sayin.

Get up in the morning, get on the bus…
Bus Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiider…

More seriously, now, what about the following?

1. DSP resources on buses come in two categories: bus (30 available), and mix processing (20 available).

2. FX sends tie up buses but not mix processing. They also don’t have any dynamics or delay available. This suggests that the mix processing section has a fairly significant chunk of DSP resources available, for the dynamics and delay.

3. Matrixes (Matrices??) tie up mix processing but not buses. This would make sense if the mix processing section of the DSP were capable of summing up all of the signals which could potentially be routed into a matrix. And in fact, there will never be more than 19 signals into a matrix (up to 18 aux/group/main plus the direct output)–that’s considerably fewer to sum than in a bus, where there could be all the inputs, all the FX returns, and even a bunch groups if the bus is a main or aux.

Of course, you only see the benefit of matrices not tying up buses if you run out of buses before you run out of mix outputs… I guess if you run all your FX buses in stereo?