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My experience with using them on Sabines and driveracks has been more of a sales tool that practical use. Maybe some help, but like someone mentioned, more pros won’t use them. We usually know how to deal with it. Well designed system and choice of speakers, placement, height etc. go a long way to keep that problem to a minimum..

There are situations where it might save some HF drivers. I replaced all the HF drivers in a church last year where a lacy was singing for a funeral with no audio person in the booth. She walked out in front of the casket area and the system took off. No one to turn it down. Blew all the diaphragms. Costly error. Also system had been eq’d with basically a ‘smiley face’ so HF was hyped. I corrected that. I did not install this system. Maybe an auto FB controller may have helped in this case of unattended operation…

GLD 80- AR2412….GLD112,AR2412 and 2 x AR84’s coming plus QU16 & ME-1