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Joe: As for True RTA. I understand what you are saying but it is a get what you pay for solution. I would pay for the real thing if I felt it would make THAT much of a difference. Most guys I see and myself don’t go to overboard on delays anyway FWIW.

As for the disc, it is not commercially available to my knowledge. They just produced it for their own use. I was offered a copy since I am also a commercial studio owner in Nashville. I have my facility leased out now. One of the 2 helped me do some voicing a few years ago. I got much better results than just broadband noise. I just did an auditorium that I did an installed last week. I thought it was OK with some minor tweaking but then after I went through the process with the disc and reset it I was amazed as was everyone else how much better it sounded. Clearer, cleaner, better fidelity.

GLD 80

Thanks George,
That’s really interesting and you’ve got my curiosity peaked. I see Chris just put up a link to the CD which I’m downloading now. My connection speed is really bad this evening so it’s going to take a while to download. I glanced at the ‘How to’ doc attached to the CD. Lots to study there. I’m eager to dive in. Thanks very much for putting that up Chris.
I know I’ll have a ton of questions. Thanks for all your help.


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