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Here is an option. Kind of like SMAART only much cheaper. 1 oct free, 1/3 is about $39, 1/6 $69, 1/24 $99. I use a Fastrack Pro interface with a dbx mic and a Win 7 laptop. Works great..


I have used a standalone 1/3 rack unit for years but it is just clunky to carry around and I lost ability to print from it..Can store and print on True RTA.

That may be similar to the Presonus version of Smaart, but it’s missing the most important feature of real Smaart – phase response, which is required for system alignment. This software is only marginally more useful than the RTA built-in to the GLD.

The new Smaart DI is significantly less expensive than the full-blown Smaart, and is a better place to start.