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Here is an option. Kind of like SMAART only much cheaper. 1 oct free, 1/3 is about $39, 1/6 $69, 1/24 $99. I use a Fastrack Pro interface with a dbx mic and a Win 7 laptop. Works great..


I have used a standalone 1/3 rack unit for years but it is just clunky to carry around and I lost ability to print from it..Can store and print on True RTA.

Another thing I have used lately. A couple of well known engineers in Nashville created a disc years ago. One of them is a close friend of mine so I got a copy of it. It has a full range pink noise for 1 min, then a 1K filtered noise for 1 min to calibrate an SPL meter to what you want. Say 80-90db or whatever. Then it goes in 1/3 octave filtered cuts down to 31hz, then starts at 1.25K and up to 16K. The filtered cuts are sharp Q’s with obvious slight side band but are centered on the selected freq. Just make a list of how each band compares to the reference 1K. After you have done that then use your EQ to adjust to correct based on that. You will be likely cutting a lot which is best anyway.
It works great. I have made otherwise crappy rooms and systems really shape up. I do use my ears for final adjustments. The disc has several very nice music cuts to listen to. I listened to them on nice control room speakers and headphones to orient myself with how they really sound to compare. Then I use a mic usually the type that will be used for primary use to see how it sounds. Vocal mic, podium mic etc. A combination is what is the final decision on it. Just never ever solely use pink noise as a lot of people wrongly do. Also auto eq’s don’t work that well either.

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