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I have the GLD-80 on a sequencer. A furman key operated one actually. I could and probably will set all of the sequence times so that the system doesn’t crack on turn on when the AR units sync after 40 seconds or so, But it’s really annoying since everything was OK in firmware 1.01 and got un OK later.

I have bunches of digital mixer installations large and small, Some of them are 10 years old and are being upgraded.

I don’t read any other message boards. I read this one, cause after one year it’s a work in progress.

Why aren’t the outputs of all units muted until sync is complete then checked against the systems recalled state mute list before unmuting?

Why do I have to ask that question on the message board?

The surest way to windup with nothing is to wait for everything. On the other hand, the 2nd mouse always gets the cheese.