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Yep. Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love my GLDs (an 80 and a 120), but Avid has a much better tempo solution than A&H.

Really, re-doing the delay FX system is my biggest “want” in the GLD and iLive lines.

I agree on a global tempo (with each FX unit having the option of what “note” (i.e. quarter note, dotted eighth, etc) to use.

In addition, tap tempo should be in BPM, not milliseconds – nobody is using an FX unit to time-align loudspeakers; we’re using it for *music*, which uses BPM, frequently synced to a click source.

Finally, 1360 milliseconds isn’t a long enough maximum delay; sometimes I want more than that. Any way to increase that to 2 or 2.5 seconds?

That’s really my only quarrel with the GLD, I think – it’s an absolute joy to mix on in general, and the ME-1 personal mixers are incredible.