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David, thank you so much for your reply. I will give that a try.
(the three scene thing).

As for the wireless, what i was looking for is having 2 WAPs in the “network” in case one failed. My initial thought is that this would be similar to a corp network which may have many WAP all running the same SSID. The 802.11 radios in laptops are getting smarter about “hopping” from one to another, and further, trying to keep a connection going in case teh laptop is put into suspend. (Intel 3 gen I core chipset).

And just some feedback on the touch screen. I have a 23″ all in one computer that has a touch screen. (Lenovo m90z) When I run editor on it (offline) i love the size of everything on the screen, but like you said, touch is tricky. The PAFL and Mute buttons are pretty close. :)

In fact this is one suggestion I would like to make. Have a version of editor that would exploit Win8 the new AC wireless standard, and multi touch. Thanks again for your reply. I will try that out.

And finally, does anybody have protools working correctly on a windows machine?

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