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Hello Bob,

For your outputs to Dante your best bet is to set the Dante channels to be “mix rack sockets”. This picks off the audio post pre-amp but before the trim (and anything else). You can also send auxs, matrixes, mains, groups, etc to Dante. I find it useful to also record the Mains, and sometimes submixes. Also, set your master clock to the Dante card.

For recording and virtual sound check what I do is to create three scenes. First I make a master scene that saves all settings except the input patchbay. Then I create two more scenes that just include the patchbay. On the first of these two scenes I set all my IP sources to be the sockets on my iDR rack (or surface, or where ever). This scene is my “Recording” scene. Then on the second scene I set all the IP sources to be from Dante (typically in the PortB in your iDR rack). This scene is my “Playback” scene.

When I’m ready to start a show I recall the master scene. Then I recall the “recording” scene. I set all my dynamics, levels, fx, etc etc. Then I update the Master scene with any changes. I record to my laptop in Reaper. When I’m ready for a sound check, I recall my “playback scene” and playback my tracks from Reaper.

On Reaper make sure that you have the tracks inputs set from your Dante channels and the track outputs set to your Dante channels.

For your other questions….
1. Yes I’ve done many shows with just an iPad and Laptop. I prefer to stay with a wired connection to my laptop for stability but you can do it wireless.
2. I’ve not tried a touch screen for the editor, however, it has been discussed here before. The editor doesn’t support multi-touch so you are limited to making one change at a time. Also most of the display is sized in such a way that its very hard to use a touch screen
3. When I mix on an iLive outside I usually build a makeshift hood for the screen out of cardboard and gaff tape. It works, but is annoying.
4. I’ve never tried to setup a redundant wireless network. I’m not sure that it would really be possible. Even if you could get two wireless routers to work on the iLive you’d have to have two wireless radios in your laptop. That’s possible with the use of the internal radio and a PC card 802.11 wifi card. However, you couldn’t connect an editor session through both wifi connections at the same time.

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