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Just a quick update on this, which i do not understand. :)
I can playback protools , via dante to the Ilive rack, but i cannot seem tpo record from teh rack to protools via the dante connection.

Reaper is the opposite. That is, i can record in reaper from the rack (allow i seem to get that kind of jumping in levels liek you would see with clock issues. But the playback from reaper will not go to the rack.

I figure it has something to do with the routing and not a driver issue per se’. I guess i could use the info on how to set up paths from both protools and reaper .

My set up is three laptops. 1. is connected directly to the control port on the dante card in the ilive rack. That is running dante controller. I have a windows 7 thinkpad running editor 1.9 connected via a wireless AP. The third laptop is a win 7 thinkpad running protools and/or reaper, and that is connect directly to the dante primary data port. Thanks again for any and all help you might be able to provide.

Blueberry Sound
Fort Wayne, IN
2 IDR-16 (no surface)
Thinkpad X1 running 1.9 Editor
ACE / MMO / Dual Rack / ADAT (for more outputs)
Dante / Protools 11