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I hope there will be an iLive2 coming up that includes the new nice features of GLD with the flexibility of iLive!

Best GLD-Features:
– Fast touchscreen
– Fader-Bank setup with drag&drop
– push&turn knob (Freq. and Q)
– intuitive channelstrip and logical menu (easy to use for everyone)
– fast bootup
– offline editor

Best iLive Features:
– flexibility with use of different racks (channelcount)
– de-esser and other dynamics/effects for more channels (not only for 8)
– more DSP/CPU/SSD
– more possibilities with scenes, user-buttons, monitor, inserts, etc

So tell me A&H when will the release date be? [8D]

GLD-80 / AR2412 / AR84 / Qu-16