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Through the iLive there is no way to do a remote power on/off. However, with the addition of other equipment it is of course possible. I do a remote power with my iLive system. The mixrack is connected to my Middle Atlantic Power Sequencer. I can remotely turn the sequencer on and off via a contact closure relay. In my system, that relay is controlled via logic outputs on my BSS system DSP. The DSP is controllable via ethernet. All my AV gear is on its own network without internet access. So the final link is a computer with two network cards. One card for the AV network, the other for the house internet network. I then use remote desktop to that system, log into the control for the system DSP and can then send a power up or power down command to the sequencer. This turns on/off most of the AV equipment (amps, assisted listening, video system, iLive, etc).

That’s probably way more complicated than what you want to do though.


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