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Originally posted by Rob Spence
On android, there is a huge variety of different hardware with differing screen sizes, shapes and capabilities. That makes for a very expensive development and testing situation and leads to a complicated support environment too.

So it can not be because there are many applications for android, which has invoked one person, a student, etc. and such software works on different devices with different resolutions. I do not believe that it would be for A&H too expensive or complicated to create an application using only graphics and network interface of android.
I am not a sw developer, but I believe applications do not communicate directly with the hardware device, but with the environment of Android, so differences in hardware devices can not be much of a problem.


What does support do when a user calls with a problem and the company has never seen the device?

There may be a list of certified devices on which the application will be tested with the fact that others are not guaranteed. But in my opinion does not matter as more on a device hw as on a version of android.


Also, android devices have a very short market life. Devices available last year may have already been replaced with newer, but perhaps not 100% compatable models.

Newer models have higher resolution, faster processor and more memory, I do not see a big problem.

I believe that it is just a decision, if the demand is really so great that the application for android paid to create. And I am one of those who have Android devices and do not want to buy expensive Apple just for one application.