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Apple vs android is often a product support cost business decision.

On the iPad, there is only one carefully controlled development environment. An app for the iPad works on all iPads as long as it has enough processor or graphics (some things don’t work well on iPad 1).

On android, there is a huge variety of different hardware with differing screen sizes, shapes and capabilities. That makes for a very expensive development and testing situation and leads to a complicated support environment too. What does support do when a user calls with a problem and the company has never seen the device?
Also, android devices have a very short market life. Devices available last year may have already been replaced with newer, but perhaps not 100% compatable models.

While some other companies are supporting android or windows, there may be a good reason why all of them bring out an iPad version first.

It’s just a tool. If you want remote control, get the tool.

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