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in fact my idea was some sort of Ilive IDR-0 equivalent.
I already have a GLD80 (with AR24 and AR8) and I use it for everything, even if I need only, e.g., 8 channels and 3 auxes.
Something cheaper than QU16 that can be put in the rack together with AR’s (maybe less DSP power than a standard GLD80, let’s say only one AR24 or AR8 compatible)would be a great portable solution for smaller events. I/O would be just d-snake port, lan and a trimmed headphones output for pafl’s.
Am I just dreaming? ;)


Sounds like you want A&H to build a competitor to the Behtinger X32 core. It would seem that the market for that is installs such as hotel ballrooms which are mostly set and forget.

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