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In looking at your list the primary thing I think is channel count. All the others are not real deal breakers. I like the larger meters on the T but with a meter screen that is not a biggie either. I was also thinking about portability. iLive just bigger, heavier. I had some guys over to look at the GLD80. They were comparing it to a Yamaha M7 and could not believe that it was pretty much as powerful a machine as the M7 in a much smaller footprint. Of course sometimes size matters. It is hard for say a church to justify pulling out a PM4000 to replace it with a small board. I had this to happen on an install I did with a Roland Vmixer in FL. They took out a M2500 large analog board. Freaked a few people out :-)


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I had a GLD 80 w/ AR2412 & 2 AR84 and own 3 iLive systems… for me I chose to sell my GLD based on the following:

Channel count: iDR48 is a full 48 channels of mono or stereo preamps vs 44 and fixed stereo for 45+

Ability to run a show with just a stage box and controller of your choice: i.e. surface, iPad, Computer

Tactile control: Ability to have access to more setting on the channel strip with out needing touchscreen

Lim/DeEsser on all channels

With multiple iLive mix racks I felt I had more redundancy options than I did with my GLD.

Encoder functionality: I like the GLD had the option to assign encoder to different things with a function key, but like that iLive is dynamic (a hybrid of the two would be cool)

I definitely liked the GLD’s boot time, touch screen and layout programming via screen better though

My $0.02

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