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I totally agree with jcarter! I only use Gates on vocals if too much noise from stage does take influence to my mix and if the singer is good enough to sing direct into the microphone so the Gate only opens when it’s needed! If the difference between stagesound and his voice is too small… then better disable the Gate! Otherwise you get pump-noise all the time!

Sidechain Filters can be worth if you know how to use it! Not only set the Filterrange to what the instruments-frequences are! Remember the Sidechain Filter is no EQ and doesn’t cut your Frequencies! The sidechainfilter just tells the Gate when to open and when to Close!

For example for the Basedrum… if you would set the sidechain from 50-80Hz the Gate would probably not stop early enough! I often set this one to 100-150Hz so the sidechain filter can then be set up to the time that the “attack” starts and stops! That gives me more control! (But it depends on how the Basedrum sounds like!)

GLD-80 / AR2412 / AR84 / Qu-16