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Originally posted by Rob Spence

I am still wrapping my head around the differences from the Yamaha way and the GLD so if someone could give me a hint…

I want to patch a socket to 2 channel strips so I can process them differently. My most common reason is to have a copy of a vocal channel to use with monitors so I have dynamics going to the main mix but no dynamics for the monitor mix and also being able to have differing EQ settings for both.

My initial approach was to simply drag the channel to 2 places on the surface but that didn’t do it. I just had 2 copies… duh!


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Hi Rob,

If you want to do channel processing, you need to use a channel strip, there are about 48, so just use one you don’t have a physical input for (as you have, shouldn’t be a worry with 2 x AR84’s… plenty spare!), you don’t lose an input’s doing it that way as you can assign any input to any channel strip.

If you used a ‘Y-cord’ you would benefit from having two physically separate inputs. Using the soft patch, you get the same head amp and use up one less physical input.

Y-splitting works just as it does on an LS9 I believe.

Hit select on a channel strip -> Make sure your in the channel processing view -> Select Preamp (so your in the preamp ‘processing’ screen on the touch screen).

(on the PC editor, you need to select the channel, hit processing, then preamp)

Preamp processing page then lets you change the input socket feeding the processing channel (as you would change the head amp feeding a channel strip on an LS9).

That what your after?