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Originally posted by Rob Spence

So, since I only have a single AR84 and I plan to use it (in this config) at the suface, I took channel 25 (for example) and in the processing screen, set it to input 17 resulting in 2 channels from input 17.

Is there a way to create some virtual channels so I don’t have to give up a physical socket to achieve the soft patch? This isn’t any better than using a real Y cord other than not having to buy another AR84. Of course, I DO plan to buy one and use it as a drum snake. Then this technique falls apart.

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There are only 48 input processing channels and 48 A/D input sockets when the system’s fully expanded… no “virtual” input channels to burn like you’d have on an LS9.

One possible workaround, if you’re not constrained in terms of your bus count, would be to use a group as a copy of the input channel. I believe you can route the socket of the input you want to copy to the direct input of the group, EQ & compress to taste (no gates on groups though) and then you can route the output of the group to any aux, main, or matrix mix you like.

I’ve never tried this out, since we’re one AR84 short of the maximum so there are plenty of input processing channels available for anything we care to duplicate.