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The only real difference I can find is that the Cisco router network gives me a choice of “home, work, public” when first logging on (after I erase the network settings so that Windows thinks I am logging on to a new network). I use “home” for the Cisco router (and pretty much every other network I have ever used)

The Oring WAP network automatically chooses “public” and never gives me the option to choose (even after erasing the network settings). Apparently I am supposed to have the ability to change the network type from “public” to “home”, but when connected to the Oring network that option is not clickable in Windows Network and Sharing.

I have tried adding Ilive editor.exe to the list of allowed programs. I have tried disabling Windows firewall for all network types. .

The Ilive event log is saying “can’t find /stagebox RS485 Naming Manager”