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In addition to what you’re doing for the monitoring, I’d set it up with 2 stereo matrixes (sp?) and a stereo group.

St Mtx 1: “FOH”

Send your LR mix to this, then feed the PA from it. This will let you EQ for the PA / room without affecting the mix going to the camera.

St Mtx 2: “Camera”

Send your LR mix to this, and feed the camera from it. Gives you volume control, compression and EQ (if you want it) independant of anything going to the PA. Set up a group with audience mics and you can feed this into the matrix if desired. Unassign audience mic inputs and the group from the LR mix. :) Ext. In on the Mtx would work instead of the group but wouldn’t offer as much control.

This might leave you a bit tight on mixes but it’s something to think about.

Is this the size of gig where the FOH mix will be similar to what you’d want on a recording? What sort of connections will video be wanting? Some sort of isolation between your gear and his might be useful too.