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Originally posted by americanmadesound

OK, looked at your profile and you are in Solvang, CA. I was just down there recently, my cousins live in SB and I grew up in LA.
If I had known you were there, would have come by to say hi.

GLD80, AR2412, AR84, MMO, GLD Remote, KR202 array

Small world Rick. If you’re ever up this way again, please give me a shout. I’d love to talk GLD. I’m stoked with this mixer but it’d be great to talk with an experienced user.

Presently, I’m routing audio to the rear of the GLD for main mix stereo feed to for the ‘camera guy’. I’m assuming I should use the Matrix 1 stereo, rather than Matrix 1 & 2 which is the default from the A&H template I loaded. Is that right?


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