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Originally posted by americanmadesound

Yes, brilliant idea. There are 6 musicians requesting HB and drummer wants a line feed. So looks like 7 auxes + stereo (FOH?) + wedges??? Should work fine.
Now how to get the auxes into the HB system..HB hub will probably need to be on stage, so that means you have 12 returns for HB aux’s, wedge and FOH. Should work.
Most likely the feed to video will come from FOH GLD console as it will be closer to the video camera (maybe).
Good luck and have fun!

BTW I describe the ME-1 as an Aviom on steriods. Love them.

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Rick, you’ve got me salivating for those ME-1’s. :-)
I just got off the phone with the talent at this show and I ran the Hearback idea by him and he was completely in agreement. So I’m thinking we’ll be fine. Thanks so much for the vote of confidence. I was getting that sinking feeling earlier on. [B)]
Thanks again!


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