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Originally posted by americanmadesound

Good luck with this gig, you are a brave soul to take this on. HB is good, have used it extensively with GLD via MMO card (+ 24 track recording at the same time via ADAT outs)until I got hooked on the ME-1’s. I have 6 of those now…love them!

I do not know if the Dante out will work with the HB system, I doubt

Mixing for the HB system will be complex. You only get 6 channels other than the 2 stereo, so you have to be selective in what goes to what channel. With this Setup no one will get a “more ME!” knob, eveything will have to be grouped (vocs, drums, keys, guitars, computer PB, ?). Easiest way to do this is using auxes.
They also want wedges? Hope you are geting paid well for this one.

PS Generally the fan tail of the DA-88 are TRS jacks, so you will probably need converters from TRS Fe to XLR Fe.

You could send the video guy the same stereo mix you will send to the HB unit (probably use 2 return jacks on the GLD console). However with this setup, you will soon run out of return jacks on the AR2412. You have 12, 8 will be used up for the HB, 2 FOH, 2 left..wedges, IEM? Do you own a AR84 or two? That could give you more.

Good luck, wish I could be more helpful.

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Thanks Rick.
I ordered an AR84 this morning, but it will be a miracle if it arrives before Sunday, the day of the event. I may have to just tell them their ‘wish list’ will need to be cut down a bit. I’m familiar with the 6 channel limitations of the Hearback system. They tout it as 8 channel but as you mentioned, two channels are dedicated to the house mix. So all-in-all kind of funky for what I’m trying to do. Glad to hear you’re having success with the ME-1 system. I may have to look at investing in a few of those for the future.
Thanks for your response.


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