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Here some other improvements:

– Our GLD80 is fixed installed. There is one switch that starts the amplifiers and the snake. When doing this, a loud *plop* is heard, due switching the phantompower. Please switch on start-up the relays to the outputs 5 seconds after the setup is loaded and the phantompower is switched on.
– Head Phone, IEM en Wedge are switched to the MAIN out when no PFL button is pressed. Please make an option to switch to another source, for instance a stereo recordingbus.
– An matrix can be switched PRE fader and delay, but there is no option to switch it before processing. Why? Now, it takes 1 mixbus an 2 matrixes to make a different EQ setting/output to the same mix.

(but to be positive; these 3 things are the only things to feedback, i love the console!)

Ps. Question; is this forum the best way to send improvements feedback?