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Originally posted by Doug

Thankyou jggrooms removed all my 1.9 back up files from my seperate A&H folder to a stick uninstalled V1.9 again shut down re started downloaded the program again and it started! Have a virtual pint on me.

Now just need to buy some hair restorer!


Something in the editor gets corrupted and unfortunately when you uninstall the editor there is some type of configuration file in the A&H directory that remains.

So, the result is, even after re-installing the Editor that corrupted file is still in the A&H directory and the re-installed editor tries to use it. Removing that directory, after un-installing the Editor, forces the installer to recreate all files and it appears to fix the problem.

I consider this a work around. Maybe A&H can be more specific about the actual problem but glad you’re up and running!