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Another small tipp:
About ticks while recording…

Try these steps
a) raise latency stepwise from 4, 6 to 10ms – getting better ? even gone? no – then next
b) lower samplingrate from 48k to 44.1 (less data) – better – gone? – no – then check connection speed again, use CAT5e or higher to get 1GB connection… still ticks ?
c) reduce channels for recording if possible…still ticks?

This can have several reasons. Especially in Windows based systems (Laptops) they usually use a build-in HD with only 5600 rpm. This and a low internal data transfer rate can cause the issue. Also a fragmented drive could be a problem.
Apple systems usually use HDs with 7200 rpm, so they naturally have a higher internal data rate.

These ticks cuased from the internal write-buffer, while writing the streamed data from dante to your harddrive. Anything that hepls to lower the data rate could help. f.e. Stop your AntiVirusSoftware task!!!! or any kind of pre-started software that additionally needs the drive permanently or even sometimes. (Dropbox, any anti-malware, harddrive monitoring …)
Check fragmentation of your harddrive – check for bad sectors.

pls feel free to add more tipps and tricks …

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