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A matrix is after the other buses in the signal flow (because it’s fed by them), but it’s still summing signals together so I can’t get my head around how it’s not a mix bus…

The way I understand your “group with/without output” thing a “group without output” would have no processing and would just sum signals together, because the processing section is the “mix out”. I don’t actually use any processing on my LR bus normally, so this sort of thing might be a nice option.


A matrix is not fed by the busses, it is fed by the post fader signal after the bus is summed. You can’t route channels directly to matrixes, hence they don’t require a normal mixbus.(it’s on the other side of the masters if you will)

Basicly a matrix is an “extra” built in mixer that has the group,aux and L/R/M masters as input channels, with a single M/ST output.

Well the idea behind having group without output processing, is saving outputs to be used as matrix. Ofcourse the absolute perfect solution would be to unlink comps on groups(then you would not have to route a group back to a channel). But as it is, it would save up outputs for matrixes, and i normaly have channels to spare anyway.(it remains a workaround for not having unlinked comps. I’m happy at least it’s now possible to do without losing double the amount of busses/outputs.) I noticed on the iLive the Matrixes do not count in outputs/busses. I guess i overlooked that when i bought a GLD….