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This is normal for GLD & Editor, the matrixes are after the mix outputs, so they don’t require any Busses. They do however need Mix outputs.(the mix output contains the graphic eq etc.)

The Fx send are before the mix outputs, so they require a Bus, but no output.
The Fx returns are dedicated ‘FX channels’ which act like normal channels.

In general i’m realy happy they made it possible to re-route groups to mono channels. This finaly makes unlinked comps possible on subgroups, without using double amount of groups. Unfortunatly you have to give up a mix output for a subgroup, that is the last feature i would like to see optional; group with output/group without output; so that it becomes possible to have more matrixes without giving up subgroups. (i usualy have extra busses, but not enough outputs.

edit; @ Chris; i’ve tried “Dave Rat’s” setup like you want to use(if i remember correct at least) By routing stereo groups back to inputs, you can use the (mono)input compressors instead of the group comp, so they are unlinked! The added latency is ok, since you reroute all the groups in the same way. Only you need to change the ‘Group’DCA, to the returnchannels on the inputs, as they contain the post-comp signal instead now [8D]