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Thanks for the response.

I had just drafted a multi-paragraph reply detailing how confused that made me. By “stereo mixes” I first thought you meant using stereo groups/auxes to feed the FX processors (which I know you can do,) but that didn’t make sense because the auxes/groups would have been part of the 20 mix output count, meaning you’d still be stuck with 20+8.

Thankfully I then had a lightbulb moment, and I realised that in the “Mixer Config” tab I’d been using 8x mono FX sends. Somehow I’d completely ignored the box next to it that allowed for stereo FX sends (as opposed to the stereo groups/auxes.) I’ve no idea how that happened. Whoops.

So when configuring the mixer, it seems I can make use of 30 buses and 20 mix outputs: LR, 4x st groups, 2x mono fx sends, 6x st fx sends, 6x aux and 2x st matrices. At least I think I can. The thing is that although the specs page includes mtxs in the “30 assignable buses” list, and although the mtxs count towards the total mix outputs used, they don’t count for any of the buses used (the reverse of the FX sends.) Is that normal?

I’d have thought that because the mtxs can have signals routed to them and those signals summed, inserts switched in, processing applied, etc, they’d count as buses, just like any other aux or group. This doesn’t seem to be the case though. I can have 10x st mtx (which fills up the 20 outputs,) but still be showing 30 buses available.