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Installed today. Pretty cool. Few quirks. Windows don’t size well on Win 7 laptop. Can’t resize. With overlapping windows, when you open a processing window like PEQ, then you can’t click on the knobs without that screen overlapping the PEQ window. Having 2 monitors extended would work but not practical on laptop.
Screen favors QU16 upper part without touchscreen. I guess banks don’t switch to allow local operator to still mix without remote person messing with them, but faders do mix from editor. Few other things don’t function also. I like doing routing, PRE/POST, MIx on/offs. Nice having large screens to see other than the small screen on GLD Easier to read. Keyboard to enter names is nice. Not crazy about the way you select number fields in naming and other parameters. You have to mouse or touchpad up/down. And the Start/End thing is not real great. Those are first impressions…

GLD 80