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I have a question on what options our band can use for a monitor split for an upcoming gig. We run the GLD80, AR2412, and the Dante I/O card. Up to this point, our GLD80 has served as both FOH and monitor mixer with us mixing from the stage, but we have an upcoming gig where a sound company will be providing the PA and we want to use our GLD80 for our monitors(all in-ears)and a split to FOH.

For our regular rig, we use the Dante card along with a Macbook Pro and DAW to do virtual sound checks. But more importantly, we also use the Macbook and Superior Drummer 2.0 software for our drums. Our drums all have triggers, mesh heads, and Smartrigger cymbals connected to an Alesis Trigger I/O interface which connects to the Macbook via USB. The output from Superior Drummer feeds channels 1 and 2 of the GLD80 via the Dante card(Cat5). All the other inputs are conventional on the AR2412 (mics, keys, guitars and bass modelers).

So my question is… is there a practical approach to working a split into our rig when considering that channels 1 & 2 of the Dante I/O are being used for our drums?

I have a message in to the sound company asking what gear they will be using but haven’t heard back yet.


GLD-80 w/M-DANTE, GLD-AR2412, MacBook Pro, Studio One 2